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Company Introduction EvoTec Power Generation Co., Ltd (EvoTec) is a big professional manufacturer of alternator and one of the biggest centre of Power Research and Development, Manufacturing, Distribution and Marketing of large scale a.c. Synchronous Generators of land-use ,marine , high voltage as well as with PMG system in China. The manufacturing plant is located at LuJiang Economic Development Zone in Hefei City, Anhui Province, covering a vast land area of more than 150,000m².with power output ranging from 6.8kW to 3150kW , voltage from 110V to 13,800V, protection degree from IP21-IP55, frequency of 50Hz/60Hz respectively and both in single and double bearing configuration which are suitable for assembly with all G-Drive engines. At present, EvoTec has 30 registered patents on the generator construction design, thanks to the perfect combination of German and Asian advanced science and technology innovation development. In comparison with the conventional products in the market, EvoTec generators are much more compact in size, shorter in length, lighter in weight, environmental friendly processing and most important, higher efficiency. In pursuit of high standard and superior quality, EvoTec has obtained the strict ISO9001 Quality System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification. In line with the international standards, all EvoTec generators are of CE marking approved, guaranteeing the superior quality, durability and total reliability. EvoTec products has successfully exported to more than thirty countries in the world like Germany ,Turkey ,Spain ,Korea ,Taiwan ,South Africa and will endeavor itself to strife to emerge and to go beyond the high-end brand and become the leader in the power generation and energy field industry. Factory Picture Fair Pictures
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  • EvoTec Efficient Industrial Generator

    EvoTec Efficient Industrial Generator

    TCU series and TH series are commonly models in Evotec Power,they are inspired by creativity,perfected by technology.You can select TCU168-568 frame,8.5kva-3500kva@50hz at 1500 rpm,10kva-4000kva@60hz
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  • Rated Power 200KW Magnetic Generator

    Rated Power 200KW Magnetic Generator

    EvoTec are a leader and proudly have the largest presence in the industries we serve.Learn more about our Strategy ,Governance,History and Brands,as well as the values that guide our can v
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  • 50Hz Power Energy Generator

    50Hz Power Energy Generator

    EvoTec Power have already built a strong reputation for reliability and will always work towards efficiency and cost-effective power solutions for our customers.50Hz Power Energy Generator,Power
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  • 60Hz Synchronous AC Alternators

    60Hz Synchronous AC Alternators

    EvoTec generators are made to be used in both industrial and Marine applications.We ensure latest technologies,process,standards ,and norms in the production of these generators.60Hz Synchronous AC Al
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  • From March 3-5,2020,the 45th Middle East (Dubai) International Power,Lighting and New Energy Exhibition (MEE) was grandly held in Dubai WORLD CADE. MEE is a highly influential professional power and energy exhibition. It has been rated as one of the top five industrial activities in the world. Hundreds of outstanding power companies from around the world exhibited. At the Middle East Power Exhibition,EvoTec Power made a great debut with a number of new high- voltage and low-voltage series generators.The new product has the advantages of good voltage waveform, good dynamic performance,strong non-linear load capability,stable and reliable parallel operation,etc. attracting more than 100 new and old customers from Germany,France,Italy,the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Turkey and other countries,.EvoTec Power Has been praised by industry peers and customers. At this exhibition,as one of the representative companies of Chinese generators,EvoTec Power competed with world-renowned brands to provide global customers with high-quality and efficient power product solutions,making the "EvoTec" brand more intuitive for the world's power industry and lay a solid foundation for the realization of "company global development"!
  • With the coming of spring,Lujiang enterprises resumed production in an orderly manner.On February 17, 2020, at Lujiang County,Hefei City, Anhui Province,EvoTec Power Generation Co.,Ltd workers wore masks to perform electrical testing on the main components (stator) of generators,and rushed to produce generators sold to Germany,Austria and other countries.
  • On behalf of EvoTec Power management,it is indeed an honor for us to invite you and your Delegation Team to visit us during the MEE Fair to be held on 3rd to 5th March 2020 and hopefully a chance to discuss in length on our future business cooperation together. The event information is as below: Exhibition:Middle East Energy 2020 Dubai Exhibition Booth Number: S2.F40 Time: 3rd-5th March 2020 Address:Dubai World Trade Centre,UAE It will be an honor for us to have the privilege to invite you to the exhibition. If you have any question or enquiry pertaining to this exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you there.
  • On 10th,February, EvoTec Power resumed work. Since the outbreak of the epidemic,EvoTec has seriously implemented the relevant deployment and requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and local government departments at all levels, strictly implemented the notification requirements of the delayed resumption of enterprises in the Lujiang area, and actively adopted a series of epidemic prevention and control measures and assist the community in fighting the epidemic in various ways. On the day before the resumption of work, the company's general manager yuan feng,wang fully deployed the two major tasks of epidemic prevention and control and production and operation after the resumption of work. The Lujiang County Government affirmed the measures adopted by EvoTec and the implementation of the prevention and control work, and required EvoTec to resolutely implement the epidemic prevention measures, firmly block the input and output of the epidemic,prevent the epidemic from spreading in the enterprise,and effectively protect the life and safety of employees good health to ensure the stable development of the company's operations. EvoTec solid measures to fight the epidemic and ensure production: ◆ Established 2 special teams to co-ordinate the resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control from the aspects of investigation and control of key populations, material guarantee, and control of resumption plan; ◆ Strictly control the entrance and exit of the factory area and the office area. All entering and exiting personnel must undergo body temperature detection and wear masks correctly throughout the process; ◆ Comprehensive elimination and prevention of epidemic prevention in offices, production workshops,canteens,dormitories,washrooms,etc. Periodically eliminate epidemic prevention during work and keep records in real time; ◆ Strengthen the hygienic management of staff canteens,promote meal-sharing system,and staff staggered meals; ◆ Layout the production plan after resumption in advance,and coordinate with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain; ◆ On the basis of doing a good job in epidemic prevention, open a full-power production guarantee order for delivery. Before the Spring Festival,EvoTec's generator market demand was very hot,and orders were flowing.The outbreak has put pressure on the output of EvoTec and suppliers.After the start of the Spring Festival,all sectors and departments have quickly entered into a tense state of work,fully resumed production and operation work,fully guaranteed output,and went all out to complete the annual goals to win the two battles of epidemic prevention &control and production &operation.
  • Standing at the end of 2019,looking back on the course of the past year,we are on the road of courageous progress,harvesting the pride of struggle and the joy of victory. Looking forward to 2020,full of expectations and hopes,let us work together to make progress along the way and create new achievements! 1.EvoTec generator products passed the identification of the first major equipment in Anhui Province 2. 3000KW / 10.5KV high-voltage generator successfully delivered to customers 3. EvoTec company successfully passed the implementation of the national integration management system 4. EvoTec marine generator products passed China Classification Society (CCS) certification 5. EvoTec generator production workshop was awarded as Hefei Digital Workshop 6. EvoTec company's R & D team was successfully selected into the Luzhou Industrial Innovation Team in Hefei 7. EvoTec's high-power high-voltage and low-voltage series generators successfully optimized third-party testing,indicators are better than international standards 8. EvoTec Power's second phase of ERP system is fully operational 9. EvoTec company was successfully approved to set up a post-doctoral research support station 10. EvoTec company passed the ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification
  • The "integration of informationization and industrialization" is a national strategy promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.It is the in-depth integration of information technology and industrialization at all levels of technology,products,services,and management.As a strategic tool to enhance the core competitiveness of an enterprise,the "integration of the two industries"is of far-reaching significance to promote the innovation and development of the company.In 2019,Anhui EvoTec Power Generation Co., Ltd.passed independent reporting,system operation,internal audit, management review ,expert review and review and public announcement in accordance with the national "Informatization and Industrialization Integration Management System Requirements" (GB / T 23001-2017) standards and other links,recently formally passed the assessment,and obtained the assessment certificate of the integration of the industrialization and informationization management systems. The passing of the assessment of the integration of the informationization and industrialization management systems marks that the company has reached a new level in advancing the integration of the informationization and industrializations,and it shows that the company has the ability of integrated production collaborative management and product research and development in the information environment,design synergy.In the next step,the company will continue to introduce informatization data management systems,improve the company's management level,continue to build new capabilities ,promote the integration of informatization and industrialization,continuously improve the level of integration between the two industries,enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise,and help the company high quality and sustainable development.
  • Thank you to all the customers who have been with us in the past year.Thank you for your support and encouragement. EvoTec Power wish you a prosperous and joyous Christmas with your family and friends.
  • The four-day twentieth China International Maritime Conference and Exhibition ended successfully in Shanghai.As one of the world's largest and most influential two maritime exhibitions,the exhibition area of this conference exceeded 90,000 square meters,attracting a total of 2,200 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions.At the exhibition,EvoTec launched a series of new marine generator products such as TCM228K, TCM288J, TCM428E, etc,which were recently developed and upgraded at the exhibition. At the scene,EvoTec staff members displayed new generator products from multiple angles and in all directions through exhibits and brochures,showing the "focus, concentration, and professional"craftsman spirit of EvoTec people.They spoke highly of the new products displayed by EvoTec and expressed their appreciation for EvoTec's continuous pursuit of progress and craftsmanship in the field of technology. The trust and encouragement of customers is our driving force for continuous development and progress.In the future, EvoTec will continue to innovate, enhance its brand, optimize its quality, and continue to explore overseas markets at a more stable pace, and is committed to building China's first brand of generators.
  • On behalf of EvoTec Power management,it is indeed an honor for us to invite you and your Delegation Team to visit us during the China Marintec Fair to be held on 3rd to 6th,December,2019 and hopefully a chance to discuss in length on our future business cooperation together. The event information is as below: Exhibition: 2019 China International Maritime Technology Conference an Exhibition Booth Number: N4E3A Time: 3rd-6th, Dec,2019 Address:Longyang Road, Pudong New Area,Shanghai New International Expo Centre It will be an honor for us to have the privilege to invite you to the exhibition. If you have any question or enquiry pertaining to this exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you there.
  • Congratulations on the grand opening of the "2019 Data Center Standard Summit ".The theme of the summit is "Cloud Ecology·Data Port,Custom Data Center·Full Lifecycle Solution·Cloud Service". EvoTec is proud to be a support partner at the summit.According to the special application requirements of the data center, Anhui EvoTec Power Generation Co., Ltd. has specially developed a new generation of high-voltage generators for data centers. EvoTec high voltage generator has a number of national patents and has independent intellectual property rights and core technologies.EvoTec high voltage generator has high efficiency, good dynamic performance and strong impact resistance.In particular,we improves the design of the power factor ahead of the running curve, which greatly improves the non-linear load capacity,and the product is stable and reliable.The main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level and can be widely applied to the data center,mine oil fields, island power stations and other places with high energy demand.
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